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There are so many benefits of riding an ebike


There are so many benefits of riding an ebike

The Team at Bicycle Centre South Morang shared this inspirational story about Kelvin to us, we got a little teary and excited about the endless benefits of riding an ebike. Sit back and enjoy the read...

Here's a great story behind the owner of this MERIDA eSpresso 800-e...

Kelvins wife is needing 24-7 care and now resides in a facility to meet her needs, while our customer still lives in their home. There is a little over 5km between the house and where Kelvins wife resides. While still riding a non assisted bicycle for his daily visits, it is taking its toll & also not having a very low stand over frame is becoming more difficult.

After test riding one of the shop demo eBikes Kelvin was convinced this will address his issues & allow him to continue his love of riding to visit his true love. Oh did we mention he is 90 years old?!

These types of sales are the reason we are so passionate about the eBike movement. More people riding further, longer, & in this case forever.

Bicycle Centre South Morant store owner Shannon says, "I had the great pleasure of delivering Kelvin his new ebike today. So humbling to talk life experiences, his past bike riding adventures along with his future riding plans now he can ride further and longer with his new MERIDA eBike. We here at Bicycle Centre South Morang are huge supporters of the eBike movement, not only with the high performance eOne Sixty and eOne Twenty range but also the lifestyle bikes such as Kelvin's new eSpresso City 800e. These bikes are not only practical but very important in assisting people to continue their lives on two wheels no matter their age and or health conditions that would otherwise hold them back."

Thank you very much Kelvin for allowing Bicycle Centre South Morang to provide you with a MERIDA ebike that will see you comfortably continue your 10km daily commute to visit Gwen. We can all only hope to still be able to do that at the tender age of 90.