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Full suspensions with 120 mm travel are probably the most versatile mountain bikes possible. The all new ONE-TWENTY is no exception to that. Light and nimble in uphills, agile on singletrails, and excellently capable and fast during downhills: In this way, our R&D experts did realize this category already in the previous model years. With the totally reworked ONE-TWENTY, MERIDA in fact does not leave this path but interprets it in a considerably more playful and modern manner. So now, two exciting years of R&D work come to fruition for the new 2015 bike season!

Apart from its new design, bigger wheels are the most obvious feature of the ONE-TWENTY: The wheelset size of 27.5” is getting more and more established. By using this standard, our marathon/tour fully combines brilliant rolling performance and unlimited agility. Already this basic concept characterizes the bike as a truly omnipotent partner – even for really challenging tours on demanding terrain.

But the probably most sustainable novelties of the 2015 ONE-TWENTY concern its geometry as well as the kinematics of the completely redeveloped chassis. With a markedly steep seating angle of 74.5°, this bike underlines its undoubted demand to convince not only in downhill direction: a lot of great uphill riding fun is provided, too. Mainly responsible for this is the new rear end – a single pivot and linkage system which has been combined with “Float Link” technology for the very first time. During uphills, the rear end remains superbly neutral and stays almost free from drivetrain influences (even in lockout mode or without the optionally activatable platform damping). In downhill mode, the chassis characteristics are different: The nominal 120 mm travel of the new ONE-TWENTY offer the plushness of 130 mm. The system works so sensitively that its nearly complete lack of pedal bob or brake dive simply just astonishes. In fast downhills, the flat steering angle of 68° comes into play. In addition, our experienced R&D experts have provided all model versions with a short 70 mm stem (except for frame size S: 60 mm) which carries a pointedly wide handlebar. As a result, the brilliant downhill performance ranges far above the level of an average marathon/tour fully.

In addition to these basic characteristics, the 2015 ONE-TWENTY shines with detailed solutions of every kind – which underlines this newcomer’s high demand to range among the best of its category all around the globe. For instance, the engineers of our R&D department have equipped the rear end with a 12 mm “E-Thru” axle which offers – besides maximal stiffness – the trouble-free mounting and demounting of the rear wheel. Simultaneously, they have put a further focus on the bearings of the rear stay: Thanks to a double-bearing connection at the dropout which carries the brake mount, annoying noise development during braking is avoided effectively.

The new ONE-TWENTY enters the 2015 season also with new technologies which are genuine in-house developments and are as well real benefits for some other MERIDA full suspensions. Due to “Down Tube Exit”, all cables/wires routed inside the frame become easily accessible. “Double Stop” avoids unwanted shifting-cable movement during shock compression – which avoids abrasion at the frame and “ghost shifting”. Moreover, the lockout cable is routed towards the shock by the new “Guided Remote” technology. This concept is so innovative that the lockout does not only work excellently in every situation but does even become a real eye-catcher on the bike as well.


Our 120 mm full suspension ONE-TWENTY (new for 2015) is a confidence inspiring 27.5“ trail/tour bike best serving the
demands of all riders who are looking for optimal trail riding fun both up- and downhill.

+ 27.5“ tires
+ Light aluminium frame
+ Wide range geometry
+ Adapted “M.O.R.E.“ kinematics
+ Innovative cable routing
+ Optimized remote functioning