E-Bikesthe new generation


There are road riders and mountain bikers. Fitness bikers and commuters. Some look for leisure riding and some for more vigorous usage. In short: it’s almost impossible to find one bike that covers all. Why should it be any different when looking at E-Bikes…? We are convinced that it is more important what a bike should deliver rather than how it does it. This made us add three new categories to our E-Bike line up: Performance, Sport and Active. For anybody who likes to keep the accelerator open we have our Performance-Bikes for maximum power. If an active lifestyle and the joy of cycling is more your direction than the Active range is the ticket. We have the Sport models which fit right between these two worlds. It has never been easier to find the right MERIDA-E-Bike.






eBIG.TRAIL: The ultimate fun machine.
Nome nest omen: The eBIG.TRAIL does not just take its name from the human-powered BIG.TRAIL. It follows the ethos of being the perfect partner for your next trail extravaganza. On mighty 650b+ tyres our 130mm aluminium hardtail rolls over pretty much anything you can throw at it whilst maintaining its playful character. All down to a perfectly adjusted geometry - for an E-Bike it has impressively short chain stays measuring just 430mm. Powered by the new Shimano STePS E8000 eMTB-motor the eBIG.TRAIL delivers power and endurance far beyond what trails fans have been able to experience.

eONE​-TWENTY: Because every long day in the saddle has its ups and downs.
With its character closely related to the hugely versatile mid travel full suspension ONE-TWENTY, our 120mm full suspension Pedelec combines all the positive attributes of the human powered version with the leading electric mountain bike motors. Powered by the latest Shimano E8000 STePS motor with its off-road focused character and long lasting 500Wh battery the eONE-TWENTY turns trail surfing into an uphill discipline. With its mighty 650B+ tyres, Boost Standard wheels and agile confidence inspiring geometry (short 440mm chain stays and a long top tube) – our eONE-TWENTY is up for any challenge. All this makes the eONE-TWENTY the ideal partner for any Pedelec-fan who enjoys the ups as much as the downs. 

eONE-SIXTY: The playful Enduro bike with built in shuttle service.
Enduro bikes are first and foremost capable and fun bikes with lots of reserves for when the going gets rough – with climbing abilities but not focussing on that. Our clever engineers have taken the brand new ONE-SIXTY and added a built in shuttle service: the eONE-SIXTY! This 160/160mm Enduro full suspension with its all-aluminium frame delivers all the latest features like complete internal cable routing with ‘Smart Entry’ cable access. Due to 650b+ tyres, Boost Standard wheels, Shimano E8000 STePS motor and fun focussed agile and playful geometry (reach for a M frame is 440mm) our eONE-SIXTY is a thoroughbred enduro and scores as highly as the non-powered ONE-SIXTY when it comes to trail fun. Now the question is: – order a shuttle or simply pedal to the top?


eBIG.SEVEN/NINE: The omnipotent SUV amongst the MERIDA-Pedelecs.
SUV – ‘Sports Utility Vehicles’ – a term from the automotive industry that characterises off-road vehicles with an urban orientation. It defines cars that offer comfortable day to day usability whilst being ready for some off-road fun. Our engineers have managed to create the perfect balance between moderate commuting bike and sporty MTB with our eBIG.SEVEN and eBIG.NINE models. Powered by an intelligent mixture of STePS E8000 battery (500Wh) and ‘Light Offroad’ E6000 motor the eBIG.SEVEN/NINE enable you to combine the daily commute with a sporty trail detour on the way home. The completely new frame has modern additions like front and rear through axles and Boost Standard to further improve wheel strength. Even with its sporty geometry our eBIG.SEVEN/NINE are Pedelecs that can be turned into the perfect day to day machine by adding mud guards and rear rack.

eNINETY-NINE: Gives your sporty ambitions an extra boost
Whilst our eBIG.SEVEN/NINE hardtails manage the perfect balance of day to day usability and sporty heritage our eNINETY-NINE does exactly the same in the full suspension Pedelec category. Due to its sporty geometry, low stand over height and 100mm front and rear travel our E-29er manages any challenge with ease. The ability to fit mud guards and even a stand clearly show the all-purpose character. In particular the very low weight of just 19kg makes this a real E-bike for all eventualities. The eNINETY-NINE is powered by the proven Shimano E6000 ‘Light Offroad’ motor combined with the new E8000 500Wh battery allowing the rider to add an extra little loop at the end of the ride.  



eBIG.TOUR: The comfortable Urban-Pedelec with offroad potential.
Amongst all the impressive attributes the mountain bike has on its side, one of the most prominent is – robustness, something that is also appreciated by urban orientated riders. Our eBIG.TOUR is equipped with a well-balanced comfort package: a low top tube makes getting on and off the bike easier and new geometry gives a more relaxed and upright riding position. 100mm front suspension travel as well as a frame ready to take mud guards, lights, rear rack and a stand gives the eBIG.TOUR a more moderate character. The eBIG.TOUR combines the advantages of our eSPRESSO family with the robustness of an offroad Pedelec. The perfect power source is the Shimano E6000 ‘Light Offroad’ motor powered with a 418Wh E6000 battery. It doesn’t have to be ‘sport’ all the time when you want to be active on a Merida bike…