Bosch E-Bike System

Computer, Drive Unit, PowerPack – the individual components of the Active and Performance Line work perfectly together, just like the members of a professional sports team. As a result, you will feel right at home on a Bosch equipped bicycle. This is what riding a pedelec should feel like!



PowerPack 400 and 500

Bosch PowerPacks for Active and Performance Line are available as frame mount or carrier mount versions and also as 400 or 500 Wh options.



With this clever on-board computer you are able to control your pedelec easily and intuitively. It also keeps you informed about all relevant data about your e-bike system.




Active Cruise

The Active Cruise drive unit gives you a unique, natural and relaxed riding feel and supports you up until 25 km/h. Available in colors platinum and black. Coaster brake function optional.

Performance Cruise

The dynamic Performance Cruise drive unit also supports you up until 25 km per hour.

Performance CX

This is Bosch’s powerful off-road drive unit – for quick acceleration, ultimate uphill flow and a new dimension of riding fun.