Legends don’t just return. They come home. Our NINETY-SIX has influenced an entire era, inspiring bike engineers and helping racers achieve peak performance since its debut in 2009. The NINETY-SIX, which was provisionally put to pasture in 2012, is still one of the most successful racing bikes in the world. For the 2016 MERIDA season: the legend is coming home!

No dual-suspension concept is lighter, no design is sleeker, and nowhere else do power transfer and lockout control work so perfectly. These were enough reasons for the MERIDA engineers to go back to the roots after the successful years of the NINETY-NINE. While the original NINETY-SIX and its successors were designed for 3x and 2x drivetrains, the new NINETY-SIX has been kinematically optimised for the 1x11 drivetrain that now dominates the XC circuit – thanks to “M.O.R.E.” technology, it works perfectly once you through a leg over, regardless of frame size. Our engineers followed this focus of development with the goal of simultaneously implementing the new NINETY-SIX as 27.5” and 29er options. Thanks to the manufacturing technology with an EPS core, which is used for the first time, the NINETY-SIX – which was developed in close cooperation with our XC pros – has a frame weight of less than 2 kg as well as continued super-high stiffness. This makes it a winner even before the race starts. Our MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM will leave the competition in their wake while riding the new workhorse...

Fast, reliable and uncompromising

MERIDA ebikes are a great way to spend less time stuck in traffic getting to work or school. Make your commute a breeze on a MERIDA pedal-assist eSPRESSO bike.

MERIDA's classic award-winning dual suspension ebikes are available in carbon or aluminium.

Take a look at what said about the MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 900e

With the eONE-SIXTY we reckon MERIDA could write the E-MTB handbook! The geometry is sorted, the spec ticks all the finest boxes, and they’ve built it around the market’s current best motor. No other bike in the test fleet rode as impressively as the eONE-SIXTY on the technical trails, while still convincing the test riders of its merit on leisurely rides. Then there’s its screaming value for money, which can only mean one thing: the eONE-SIXTY rolls off with not only the Test Win but also our Best Value Tip! The winner takes it all!


– Very stable handling
– Well-chosen spec
– Shines in all situations

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