Some bikes come. Some go. This one is here to stay! As an innovative brand that has played a leading role in the Mountain Bike World Cup for decades, we at MERIDA know from hard-won experience that only one thing is important in a successful racing bike: it has to make its rider fast. In its career, our BIG.NINE has had not only a large number of finishes on the winners’ podiums, but has been able to hang European and World Championship gold medals around its natty head tube. So why should we change this recipe for success?

It does not matter whether it is the high-end carbon rocket, the super-sporty aluminum version or the beginner-friendly recreational model: the BIG.NINE can look back on a history nearly unparalleled in terms of success. You can find a broader application of stiff 15 mm axles in the front, tapered head tubes for excellent tracking, and internal cables; as a result, each 2016 BIG.NINE has all the genes that have made this bike one of the most successful on the World Cup circuit.


The established force from the center. The laws of physics say that force is the product of mass time acceleration. Thus, the lighter a bicycle is, the more quickly it can move. This is a great reason to ride 27.5” hardtails – but certainly not the only reason. Similar to its “big brother” BIG.NINE, the BIG.SEVEN wins you over with a smooth ride, modern comfort and powerful traction. These are the qualities that give the “bike from the center” its advantages compared to the MATTS 26 incher.

Since 2014, we have positioned the BIG.SEVEN between the 29er BIG.NINE hardtail and MATTS 26-inch classic. A diameter of 25 mm separates the BIG.SEVEN from the MATTS, and a further 38 mm from the BIG.NINE. Advantages can be found, for beginners and recreational riders:  the wheels determine how quick a bike can be, they should be as light as possible –small wheels are obviously lighter than big ones. The BIG.SEVEN combines the best of both worlds; it rides more smoothly than a 26 incher and has a weight advantage over a 29er.  This concept is a real winner for the BIG.SEVEN. Changes for 2016 include new seat posts with a 15 mm offset make the seat position of all CF and LITE models easier to ride.

Fast, reliable and uncompromising

MERIDA ebikes are a great way to spend less time stuck in traffic getting to work or school. Make your commute a breeze on a MERIDA pedal-assist eSPRESSO bike.

MERIDA's classic award-winning dual suspension ebikes are available in carbon or aluminium.

Take a look at what said about the MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 900e

With the eONE-SIXTY we reckon MERIDA could write the E-MTB handbook! The geometry is sorted, the spec ticks all the finest boxes, and they’ve built it around the market’s current best motor. No other bike in the test fleet rode as impressively as the eONE-SIXTY on the technical trails, while still convincing the test riders of its merit on leisurely rides. Then there’s its screaming value for money, which can only mean one thing: the eONE-SIXTY rolls off with not only the Test Win but also our Best Value Tip! The winner takes it all!


– Very stable handling
– Well-chosen spec
– Shines in all situations

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