BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team – team bikes

The newly formed BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team will be equipped with the perfect array of MERIDA bikes for the upcoming 2017 season - providing the best machine for every stage and every riding style.

Three bikes will be in the arsenal for the team – the SCULTURA TEAM, the REACTO TEAM and the WARP TT. The bikes will not just represent the latest technology and level of innovation in road cycling but also visually represent the new team perfectly.

‘The colour scheme and design of the three BAHRAIN MERIDA team-bike models SCULTURA, REACTO and WARP TT incorporates the national colours of Bahrain - red and white. The detailing shows some classic road-style features and will be easily recognisable in the peloton, particularly in conjunction with the new helmet and race-kit design, the team will have a striking appearance, on and off the bike.’ – explains Jürgen Falke, Director of Products at MERIDA bicycles.

Due to the demands of modern road racing which requires the perfect bike for every stage and race, as well as the different personal preferences and strength of the riders, the ideal choice of bike is an absolute necessity. Where every second counts, even the smallest advantage can make the difference between victory and failure.


Climbers and demanding mountain stages require a super light bike, which combines comfort, agility and perfect power transfer while more powerful riders and sprinters, as well as fast and flatter stages favour a more aerodynamic bike with super power output and an aggressive riding position. When riders chase every second during the time trials of the Grand Tours, the requirements vary once again. However, rest assured the engineers of MERIDA have the most comprehensive bikes ready for the season.

The SCULTURA TEAM, one of the lightest road bikes in the world, combines extremely low weight with comfort and sharp handling so will be used by the team on the majority of mountain stages. It is also the bike, which in its disc-brake version, is the 'go-to’ bike for some of the Classics which can have cobblestone and even dirt road sections.

The REACTO TEAM, due to its market leading aerodynamic features, slices through the air and despite its impressive power delivery offers the rider outstanding comfort and stability – two hugely important points when stage races last up to three weeks. 

And finally the WARP TT – the time trial specialist, which enables the rider to perfectly dial into the most aerodynamic riding position and be able to push the bike and himself to gain even the smallest time advantage.



Presented for the first time in 2015 the SCULTURA is designed to be the lightweight ‘workhorse’ of the BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team. With an impressive frame weight of just 850gr, the SCULTURA sets new standards when it comes to acceleration and climbing ability. But the new SCULTURA is much more than ‘a lightweight’. Despite its chain stays, which are just 400mm long and provide great agility, the bike can take up to 25mm tires to increase the excellent comfort even further. To top it all off - the SCULTURA is wind tunnel optimised, and achieves aero readings that are almost equal to those of a dedicated aero racer. Combined with its traditional virtues, this produces a SCULTURA that is undoubtedly one of the best road bikes in the world.




The REACTO is BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team riders’ choice when they are looking for the aero advantage. Many hours of wind tunnel testing and gained knowledge from the WARP TT development process helped to create the perfect aero bike. When every second counts at the end of a long breakaway, the REACTO helps to preserve energy with its aero performance and super stiff bottom bracket, making sure that all energy is turned into speed. However, the REACTO is not a specialist stage bike. With its low weight and unprecedented comfort, it will be the regular choice for many BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team riders and has won mountain stages, sprints and solo breakaways in the past!




Totally focussed on aerodynamic performance, no other MERIDA road bike has spent more time in the wind tunnel. Developed for BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team to use in the time trial stages of the World Tour, the frame is designed around ‘NACA Fastback’ tube profiles. Pro riders may be similar in terms of ability and fitness, but their shape and riding style varies dramatically. A key innovation on the WARP TT is a modular cockpit allowing the rider the ability to adjust the aero position depending on personal preferences and race conditions.



BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team bikesSpec information

he group-set will be the latest Shimano Dura Ace Di-2; due to the late availability, the team will start the season on the current 9070 series Di-2 and change over to the all new Dura Ace 9170 Di-2 in the middle of March 2017.

Market leader SRM offers their latest generation of power-cranks and PC-8 bike-computers. The hollow carbon crank-arms made by German carbon specialist THM are extremely stiff for perfect power-transfer and help to drop the system weight below a standard Dura Ace crank without power-system!

Looking at the wheels, BAHRAIN-MERIDA relies on the latest generation of FULCRUM’s superb SPEED wheel series.

The SPEED 40T wheels are the ultimate all-rounder, with a weight of less than 1,25kg per set and a perfect balance of low weight, high stiffness and suitably aerodynamic. Sprinters and breakaway racers will focus on the SPEED 55T with more deep-section rim-profiles, offering an improved aero-performance and slightly higher stiffness, while sacrificing a small weight increase.

In terms of tyres, the BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team runs on Continental handmade tubulars, which are well known for ultimate grip, superfast rolling and are highly puncture resistant.

FSA and Vision supply cockpits and seat-posts. After a testing period during winter and spring, the majority of the team-roster will swap to one-piece Vision METRON stem/handlebar combos, which offers superior aerodynamic performance and improve stiffness during sprints.

Saddles are supplied by PROLOGO – all with carbon rails and shells and equipped with their unique CPC anti-friction system.