More history. more bike.25 years

MERIDA’s company founder Ike Tseng (1932–2012) was a very honourable person and a true visionary. During a trip through the USA early in the 1970s, he discovered a note at the door of a bike shop stating that no bikes from Taiwan were accepted for repair due to bad quality. This annoyed Ike Tseng – soon afterwards in September 1972, the first production plant of Merida Industry Co., Ltd. was opened in Yuanlin (Taiwan). The man whose life motto was “move with passion and courage” chose the name “Merida” intentionally: The rough translation of the three syllables “Me-Ri-Da” represents the company’s intention to manufacture only beautiful, high-quality products enabling anyone to reach their destination as enjoyably as possible. Ike Tseng realised his plant could successfully offer high-quality bikes which were “Made in Taiwan”. In 1988, he took the next big step by launching the independent brand MERIDA: In accordance with MERIDA’s corporate philosophy, the frames of a complete range of sophisticated and internationally recognised bikes are graced deservedly by the three syllables “Me-Ri-Da”.

In 2013, MERIDA celebrated its 25th anniversary – we are very proud to live up to the expectations of our founder. By combining an experienced German R&D centre with excellent Taiwanese production expertise, MERIDA is able to satisfy demanding bikers with everything imaginable – models for children, e-bikes or high-end racing machines. We are especially proud of the fact that MERIDA lives up to its ultimate athletic ambition every year by equipping elite pilots like the MTB riders of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM or the pro road racers of the TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA with top-level “working tools” scoring highest athletic honours regularly.

To celebrate the successful quarter century, we presented our cusomters with a new appearance for the brand MERIDA with Model Year 2014: MORE BIKE. A MERIDA always offers the essential “more” which gives you the pleasant feeling of having chosen the right bike.

Mr. Michael Tseng 
President & CEO Merida Industry Co., Ltd.


merida. More bike.More Passion

There are countless steps for a great idea to become a great bike.
MERIDA staff members from around the world share this passion and work hard making it reality

Daniel Schwenk, Senior R&D Manager MERIDA

What do you see when you look at a bicycle? You see a beautiful construction with a frame as a reliable centrepiece, two wheels and many other components. You don’t see all the complex philosophies and ideas behind the concept. All the hours invested by dedicated people, intensive discussions, precise drawings, dismissed thoughts and tough test runs on prototypes. You do not see the busy hands of the mechanics, the warehouse staff or the quality management. All you see is the final product, our great passion.

But it is this passion which separates a MERIDA from all other bicycles. Since company founder Ike Tseng opened his first production plant in 1972, each and every MERIDA bike has been representing his spirit and his credo “Move with passion and courage!”  We continue to move forward –driven by the convictions that each and every MERIDA model is exceptional. At the end of the day it is created to become your bike! That’s why the experienced engineers and designers of the German R&D headquarters work as a team with our skilled Taiwanese production experts –from the very first blueprints and throughout all following working stages. No CAD drawing remains untuned; no question about the possible specifications of the respective bike model remains unanswered – not forgetting: global representation in 69 countries whose 42 distributors observe their respective domestic markets and trends with fundamental attention. They know today what you as a MERIDA customer desires tomorrow. From this, we are able to offer you a wide range of excellent bikes which carries rightly and proudly the MERIDA signet on the head tube and our logo on the down tube.

After a quarter of a century, MERIDA stands for bicycles “Designed and Engineered in Germany, Made in Taiwan“ – and thus for the close interlocking of world-class technological know-how, premium manufacturing competence and the dedication of countless staff members all over the planet.



merida. More bike.More Innovation

At MERIDA, our German R&D headquarters work hand in hand with the production team in Taiwan – each party contributes its special strengths. This way, we consistently guarantee top-level qualities for each of our technologies.”

Juergen Falke, Director of Products MERIDA

From day one, MERIDA has followed the objective to design bikes with a unique and progressive character, bikes that are as individual as you – the MERIDA customer.

The list of MERIDA’s top-level technologies continues to grow. As one of the world’s first manufacturers, MERIDA trusts HFS for the creation of aluminium tubes. The “Hydroforming System” allows for exciting frame shapes by moulding the raw material with hot oil under high pressure. Thanks to HFS, MERIDA bikes stand out from the mass of conventional aluminium bikes and satisfy with inspiring designs. MERIDA’s modern technologies don’t just define the look of your bike: Sophisticated carbon production concepts such as “Double Chamber Technology”, “Bio Fibre Damping Compound” or “Flex Stay” rear stays help our experienced engineers and designers to develop high-tech machines with world-class performance. That’s why pro athletes like the MTB riders of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM or the road racers of the TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA utilise these impressive advantages of our premium bikes within the international world of professional sports.

Continuous innovation at MERIDA means the successful utilisation of cutting-edge frame technologies. We always pay full attention, ensuring that all production processes are thoroughly modern and that our suppliers’ work attitude is as demanding and passionate as our own.
The engineers of our German R&D headquarters travel to Asia regularly to accompany all manufacturing steps and guarantee that all MERIDA innovations truly become your personal advantage in the end.



merida. More bike.More Success

Since 2002, I’ve always been able to rely on MERIDA. No matter which challenge I have to master: The material performs at premium level. My current World Champion bike is the BIG.NINE – It is perfect for marathons.

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå, reigning Marathon World Champion

For more than a decade, MERIDA has successfully been the title sponsor and material supplier of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM. Besides World and European Championship titles, our pro MTB riders have also won Olympic Gold and Silver. Early 2013, this intensive pro sports commitment was extended in the form of the TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA. For the very first time since the market launch 25 years ago, our bikes prove themselves weekly and globally in the no-compromise worlds of professional off-road biking and road racing.

For MERIDA, the investments in connection with these sponsorships mean much more than just a question of global marketing. Like in Formula 1, the close cooperation between experienced engineers and passionate pro athletes generates highly valuable knowledge which is utilised directly for new projects. A current example is the special chain stay construction of our 27.5” MTB hardtail BIG.SEVEN (new for 2014). It results from our MTB pros’ feedback to achieve even more comfort and therefore even less exhaustion during technically demanding trails (especially when riding out-of-saddle) – an objective which was realised notably  by the highly competent R&D department around Juergen Falke, MERIDA’s Head of Design. Another successful example for meticulous knowledge transfer from the professional biking sector is our innovative comfort road racer RIDE PRO (also new for 2014): Its special rear stay construction offers not only a lot of comfort but also enough space for extra-wide 28 mm tyres. This corresponds to the pro road racers’ wish to conserve a certain degree of remaining comfortable for extremely tough stages on long cobbled sections (e. g. at the famous classic races in Belgium) – and save enough pedal power to win even the longest stage in the end.

You as a MERIDA customer benefit directly from the energy-sapping performance of our pro athletes. Whenever José Hermida or Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå rush over tough cross-country courses or Filippo Pozzato celebrates a stage win at a UCI WorldTour race: Their success is our motivation – and therefore your advantage!