Learning to ride a bike - Stage one with Olympic Champion Libby Trickett: Balance Bikes

Stage one in learning how to ride a bike is with a Balance bike.

  1. Firstly, find a flat surface with plenty of space around you. Don’t be afraid of harder surfaces as they are easier to ride on.
  2. Make sure the bike is the right height, so their feet are flat on the floor.
  3. Once they’re ready support them from under the arms, never the handle as bars as they need to get a feel for the movement of the bike.
  4. Run along behind and encourage them to lift their feet up when they feel confident.
  5. Now try taking them to a very gentle slope so they can go at a faster pace and glide for longer.
  6. Once they have moved from 100% trust in their feet to 100% trust in the saddle they are ready for the next stage and to ‘bike with the big kids’!

Please remember safety first and thanks for watching!

There are two fantastic balance bikes in the MERIDA Range. These Balance bikes are great for children who are eager to learn the fundamentals of bike riding whilst building confidence and having fun!

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